Anupama 29 July 2023 Written Episode Update | Episode 997

Anupama 29 July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update by

An Emotional Exchange between Anupama and Kavya

Anupama tells Kavya that she doesn’t need a lecture on motherhood, as Kavya herself has delivered lengthy talks on the subject before. Anupama offers a suggestion to cherish every moment with her baby, as kids grow up quickly. The family enjoys a joyful dance to a song, but Pakhi and Adhik seem hesitant to dance together. Anupama expresses her gratitude to Anuj for bringing happiness to her life.

MD Emotional Flashbacks and Hidden Struggles

Nakul becomes concerned about MD and finds her locked in her room. He inquires about her well-being and the message she received. MD recalls receiving a message about Kavya’s baby shower ceremony and goes into a flashback of her own baby shower, where her husband promises to fulfill her dreams. The memory leads her to break down emotionally. MD also recalls a time when she had to choose between her dream of becoming a renowned dancer and her role as a mother. She questions why women are often forced to make such sacrifices.

Adhik and Pakhi Confrontation

Adhik tries to talk to Pakhi, but she avoids him. He becomes agitated, questioning her intentions of joining Anuj’s office without qualifications or experience. The confrontation escalates, and Adhik slaps Pakhi, causing a heated argument. Leela witnesses the scene, and Adhik pretends to be innocent. Leela reprimands Pakhi for her behavior and tells her not to disturb Anupama, who is already facing trouble due to MD.

MD Struggles Haunt Her

MD feels mentally troubled by Anupama and remembers a time when her husband appreciated their child as the biggest gift of his life. However, MD prioritized her dance dreams over motherhood and faced the consequences. She questions her decisions and past sacrifices.

Anupama Seeks Answers

Anupama notices Leela’s tears and asks about the matter, but Leela remains silent. The family’s tensions continue to escalate.


Kavya confronts Anupama, revealing that her baby belongs to Anirudh and not Vanraj. Vanraj overhears their conversation, leaving him shocked and upset.

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