Anupama 30 July 2023 Written Episode Update | Episode 998

Anupama 30 July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama Solo Dance Performance

Leela complains of knee pain, but Anupama reassures her. Toshu invites everyone to the dance floor. CA announces Anupama’s solo performance, and despite the dance session being over, CA insists that Anupama should showcase her talent. Kavya encourages Anupama to forget her worries for a while and perform. Anupama dances to the song “Sohlasingar Karke Godibharayi Me,” with everyone joining in the fun. During the dance, Anupama notices Kavya’s tension and inquires about it. Kavya reveals that she’s feeling weak and is carrying a baby.

Dimpy Discontent and Anuj Warning

Kinjal returns home, and while the family welcomes her warmly, Dimpy expresses dissatisfaction with Kinjal’s behavior. Anuj takes Dimpy aside and addresses her disrespectful behavior towards Anupama, warning her to stop it. Dimpy becomes defensive, stating that Anupama is always the center of attention in both the Shah and Kapadia households. Anuj reminds Dimpy of the kindness Anupama showed her and her ingratitude towards it. Dimpy continues to vent her frustration against Anupama and disrespects her further.

Anuj and Vanraj Heartfelt Apologies

Anuj tries to reason with Dimpy, expressing that they helped Anupama with good intentions, but Dimpy refuses to understand. She accuses Anupama of being revered by everyone while labeling Samar as bad for standing up for himself. Anuj asserts that Dimpy is creating theories to justify her actions, and Anupama, who is listening, feels hurt by Dimpy’s hateful words and walks away. Anuj advises Dimpy and Samar to learn from their mistakes before life teaches them a lesson.

Kavya Guilt and Revelation

During dinner, Vanraj and Anuj take the floor to talk about their life partners. Dimpy scoffs at the start of another drama. Vanraj apologizes to Kavya for not valuing her enough and promises to be a good husband and father. He confesses his love for Kavya and wipes her tears. Anuj follows with an apology to Anupama for not supporting her during her difficult times. He thanks her for teaching him to love and live, vowing not to repeat his mistakes. Anuj promises to become the Anuj Kapadia that Anupama was always proud of.


The Shah family dances on the song “Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye.” Kavya reveals to Anupama that the baby doesn’t belong to Vanraj and seeks her advice on how to rectify her mistake. Unknown to them, Vanraj overhears their conversation.

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