E1117 – Anupama 27 November 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Saves Kavya From Gas Leak

Anupama desperately tried contacting Kavya to warn about the gas leak but her phone was unreachable. Kavya smelled something odd upon entering the home but didn’t realize it was gas.

Anupama rushed inside just in time to turn off the stove knob before Kavya could switch on the light. Relieved, she made Kavya sit and brought her water.

Hiding babuji’s Memory Issues from Him

Kavya confided Babuji’s growing forgetfulness worries her regarding safety risks. Anupama decided to discreetly get him medical help so he didn’t feel guilty for endangering them accidentally.

She hid the truth when updating Baa to not let Babuji realize his mistake, as it may upset him.

Barkha Envies Anupama’s Culinary Skills

Seeing everyone praise Anupama’s cooking, Barkha snidely asks why she enters the kitchen when servants are there. Anupama explained willingly cooking for her family doesn’t make her any less independent.

Baa pointed out that Barkha just eats chips on the sofa. Anuj joked Barkha does nothing else, irritating her.

Malti Devi Competes to Teach Choti

When Choti shared difficulties grasping studies, competitive Malti volunteered to teach her. Anupama offered to learn online group studying techniques from school to help instead.

Babuji’s Memory Loss Worsens

Barely a few minutes after finishing meals, Babuji shockingly asked Baa to serve food again as he forgot to eat. Everyone exchanged tense glances over his deteriorating condition.

Kavya-Dimpy Bond in Difficult Times

Playfully competing at the game stall, Kavya and Dimpy vowed not to let anyone negatively affect their happiness anymore. Kavya credited Anupama for handling problems tactfully.

Anuj Suggests Trip to the US

Over ice cream, Anuj proposed going abroad to the US on Martin’s invite. He eagerly asked Anupama if she’d like to see snow-capped landscapes. Anupama happily imagined finally fulfilling her dream US trip.

Shocking Viewing of Romil

Just then Anuj spotted something alarming and exclaimed “What the hell!”. Romil was seen casually riding a bike with some unknown girl, without safety precautions.

Precap: Anupama Scolds Careless Romil

Anuj confronted Romil over flouting road safety rules like license, helmet, etc. Anxious Anupama also scolded him saying his rashness reminds her of her deceased son Samar. She implored him to value his life.

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