E1116 – Anupama 26 November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pakhi Demands Hefty Loan for Startup

Pakhi asked a shocked Anupama to sign a 10 lakh cheque for her grooming studio startup. She explained wanting to become independent by offering styling services.

Anupama questioned the sketchy plan and asked for a formal proposal first. Pakhi refused, irritating Anupama about investing blindly. Pakhi shouted while Choti got scared and hugged Anuj.

Anuj Offers Investment After Analyzing Viability

Anuj offered Pakhi investment between 5-30 lakhs after evaluating her proposal, provided she had a sound business plan. He warned her that half-baked ideas would be trashed. Pakhi arrogantly agreed to the deal.

Kavya-Dimpy Bond Over Shared Experiences

Kavya and Dimpy met like friends, joking over calling each other saas-bahu despite their unconventional equation. They regretted not becoming close earlier and vowed to turn best friends forever now.

Babuji Temporary Memory Lapse Creates Risk

Babuji assured me he securely locked the Shah house before leaving. But on returning to Anupama’s home, he realized he left the gas stove accidentally on, endangering the vacant house.

Pakhi Predicts Choti Will be Forgotten

Pakhi provocatively told Choti that as Anupama forgot her, she would forget Choti once her babies arrived. A hurt Choti asked Anupama if it was true. Anupama reassured her she would never forget any of her children.

Anupama Tries Warning Kavya About Gas Leak Risk

On learning of the gas leak, Anupama anxiously tried warning Kavya over the phone to not enter the kitchen. But amidst the market noise, Kavya couldn’t hear the caution and headed home hastily.

Precap: Prospect to Visit US Excites Anupama

Anuj suggested going abroad to the US during Christmas, having received an invite from Mr. Martin. When he asked Anupama if she’d join him on the trip, she got hopeful to finally visit America.

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