E1115 – Anupama 25 November 2023 Written Episode Update

Dimpy-Anupama Bash Up Harassers

Anupama kept motivating Dimpy to strongly punish the hooligans so they dare not eye any woman wrongly. The public supported the women thrashing the terrified men.

Anupama remarked now videos of them bashing the harassers will spread teaching them a lesson.

Anuj Scolds Malti-Barkha for Insulting Baa

Anuj scolded Malti-Barkha for unnecessarily bringing up Baa’s past words when she’s unwell currently. He tried placating angry Baa with jokes before taking her away.

Rebuilding Trust Between Dimpy and Tapish

After the police complaint, Anupama advised Dimpy to stop seeking validation and be self-reliant. She insisted that Dimpy apologize to Tapish and get him back to manage the academy.

Yearning to Visit America Resurfaces in Anupama’s Mind

Seeing a lady return from meeting her daughter in America rekindled Anupama’s stalled dream of traveling there. Assuming it an unrealistic desire now, she discarded the America brochure.

Anupama Infuriated at Pakhi’s Rude Behavior

When cake accidentally smeared on Pakhi’s face, she vengefully wiped some on laughing Romil. As Pakhi raised her hand to hit Choti, Anupama angrily shouted at her insolence.

Tapish and Dimpy Bury Their Differences

Dimpy apologized to Tapish for her harsh outburst under pressure. Sportingly accepting it, Tapish agreed to resume work asking her not to lose spirit.

Shocking Act By Pakhi Leaves Everyone Stunned

Pakhi threw a cheque of 10 lakhs in front of dumbfounded Anupama without any explanation for her extreme action. Everyone stared at her, mystified.

Precap: Anupama Desperate to Warn Kavya

Babuji momentarily forgot he left the gas on but immediately recollected. Meanwhile, Anupama frantically tried warning Kavya about something but she left hurriedly. Anupama desperately rushed to confront a grave risk.

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