E1114 – Anupama 24 November 2023 Written Episode Update

Baa Learns About Video

Babuji asked Baa to rest after spraying his feet. Baa checked her phone flooded with messages about Tapish-Dimpy’s video. Pakhi already saw it and came shouting to show Baa.

Romil tried stopping her in vain. Pakhi presented the video to everyone claiming it validated her earlier warnings about Dimpy. Romil defended it was fake but Pakhi refused to believe so.

Mixed Reactions to Leaked Video

Babuji firmly called it a fabricated video but Malti speculated maybe they fell in love working together. Pakhi crudely alleged Dimpy was pregnant from an affair.

Baa walked off disgusted. Babuji maintained Dimpy’s innocence but Baa worried about her safety and reputation after this.

Anupama Consoles Distraught Dimpy

A shattered Dimpy held herself responsible for the accusations. Anupama related to facing character doubts over her friendship with Anuj. She advised Dimpy to fight back bravely.

Dimpy regretted blaming Tapish. Anupama pointed out he is equally affected and asked her to unite against the real culprits.

Baa Stresses Over Dimpy’s Situation

Babuji convinced Baa that even housewives get defamed so it’s not Dimpy’s fault. Baa worried people will now trouble Dimpy and her unborn baby.

Babuji drew an analogy that by her logic, if he fell, she’d restrict him home. Baa lamented what new “medals” her daughters-in-law won.

Barkha and Malti Criticize Anupama’s Family

Frustrated Malti questioned why dutiful Anuj allowed Anupama’s ill-mannered kids to take advantage of him. Barkha dubbed Anupama a hypocrite for teaching values when her own family was shameless.

Baa overheard them and fumed at the insults when she needed peaceful prayer for Dimpy.

Anupama Reveals Culprits’ Motive

Anupama revealed the leaked video was the hoodlums’ revenge for Tapish beating them earlier. She spotted the same men watching the video publicly and pointed them out to Dimpy.

Dimpy and Anupama Bash Up Culprits

When confronted, the rogues mocked and tried filming again. Anupama charged at them furiously with a belt. Dimpy followed suit finding courage. They thrashed the stunned men.

Anupama said Dimpy must fight her battles and not fear anyone. Dimpy promised them their videos will now spread instead.

Precap: Anupama’s Dream to Visit America Resurfaces

Seeing a travel brochure, Anupama’s longing to visit America rekindled. A lady said she’d just returned from America. Anupama regretted failing to go twice before but remained hopeful to visit someday per destiny.

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