E1113 – Anupama 23 November 2023 Written Episode Update

Baa-Malti Devi Compete Over Cooking

Barkha found Baa cooking in the kitchen despite coming there to rest. When Barkha pointed this out, Baa quoted SRK saying people who don’t work are a wonder like her. Baa asked Barkha to help in cutting vegetables but she refused due to manicured nails.

Malti taunted Baa as a guest ordering the owner. Baa asserted Anuj asked them to treat this as their own home. She was making Anuj’s favorite theplas and halwa. Malti asked if Baa made alooka halwa that Anuj likes. Baa confirmed confidently. Malti boasted she could make it better.

Goons Harass Tapish-Dimpy

Tapish taught dance to kids with Dimpy’s help. Some goons filmed them planning their MMS. The goons demanded Dimpy’s MMS when confronted. A fight ensued where Tapish accidentally pushed Dimpy.

Later, the goons created a fake romantic video of Tapish and Dimpy to malign them.

Baa-Malti Devi’s Halwa Faceoff

Baa and Malti presented their halwas, asking Anuj to judge who made it better. Trapped Anuj smartly praised both to not offend anyone. He mixed and ate both to show no bias.

Anupama stopped their brewing fight. Malti and Baa discussed preparing more of Anuj’s favorites to compete, while he looked helplessly at Anupama.

Tapish Offers to Drop Dimpy Home

Tapish offered Dimpy a drop home but she snubbed him for showing sympathy and care. Tapish clarified he had no ulterior motive. Upset, he left after accusing her of overacting and over self-importance.

Fake Video Circulated Online

Romil taught Babuji internet usage. Then he shocked Anuj-Anupama by showing them Tapish-Dimpy’s fake romantic video circulated online. Anuj decided to contact cyber cell to track the perpetrators.

Anupama worried for Dimpy and Baa’s reaction if they saw it. Coincidentally Baa got the video message but Babuji switched off her phone before she could see it properly.

Dimpy Devastated After Video Leak

Dimpy broke down after watching the video herself, worried for her lost reputation and dignity. Tapish tried consoling her but Dimpy vented her devastation at becoming the subject of public gossip.

Precap: Fighting Back Against Harassment

Dimpy lost courage to face people after the video leak. Anupama encouraged her to fight back. They confronted the goons and started beating them for video leaks. Anupama said if Dimpy shows fear, they will continue harassing her. Dimpy regained courage and promised their videos will now go viral.

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