E1119 – Anupama 29 November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pakhi Makes dimpy’s Character Accusations

Pakhi alleged she saw Dimpy romantically dancing with Tapish on the street at night. Adhik tried silencing her exaggerated speculations but Pakhi remained convinced of Dimpy’s affair.

Hearing the commotion, everyone gathered. Despite Anuj’s lie about a small argument on the road, Pakhi revealed Dimpy-Tapish’s questionable intimacy. A shocked Baa froze up.

Malti Devi Provokes Baa Against Dimpy

Malti reprimanded leaving young unmarried Kavya-Dimpy unsupervised at home, hinting they went awry. She kept instigating Baa against her bahus.

Anupama asserted elders aren’t guards and the women have their own lives. She maintained full faith in Dimpy’s character. An irritated Anuj warned Pakhi for crossing lines.

Anupama Stands By Dimpy

Anupama decided to confront Dimpy before drawing conclusions. Malti suggested verifying Tapish’s intentions and marrying them if he was suitable.

A livid Baa refused to contemplate Dimpy with any other man since she was carrying Samar’s baby. Anupama firmly stated it is Dimpy’s life decision before retiring everyone to bed.

Adhik Calls Out pakhi’s Insecurity

Adhik analyzed that Pakhi focused more on suspecting Dimpy rather than working on their strained relationship. He bluntly called out Pakhi’s jealousy over Dimpy’s pregnancy and popularity.

Annoyed Adhik walked off when Pakhi callously stated one day Dimpy might elope with Tapish abandoning everything behind.

Vanraj Threatens Tapish

Vanraj returned home to see Tapish cordially bidding Dimpy goodnight after dropping her off. Infuriated Vanraj warned Tapish to stay away from pregnant Dimpy or face severe consequences.

He ordered a petrified Dimpy and Kavya to not encourage Tapish’s advances before retiring angrily.

Malti Devi Starts Politics Over AC Bill

Seeing the high electricity bill, Malti Devi openly reprimanded Babuji for wasting power by keeping the AC on. A fed-up Anuj said he had no qualms paying the price for his father’s comfort.

An enraged Anupama blasted Malti Devi for unnecessary politicking. An undeterred Malti declared she would continue and see who dared throw her out.

Anuj Tries Pacifying Anupama

Before sleeping, an on-edge Anupama doubted if they would ever have a peaceful night. Understanding her turmoil, caring Anuj gently asked her to be patient and wait for the truth to surface itself soon.

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