E1118 – Anupama 28 November 2023 Written Episode Update

Anuj-Anupama Catch Romil Driving Recklessly

Anuj-Anupama was appalled seeing Romil joyriding a scooty without any safety precautions. Anuj asked if he had a license, helmet or sense of responsibility.

Romil casually defended he drove carefully unlike others. Anuj scolded his reckless behavior could risk his life and hurt his family.

Dimpy Enjoys Tapish’s Musical Surprise

Tapish surprised Dimpy by taking her to a lane where his friends played guitar. He sang for her beautifully. Dimpy thoroughly enjoyed this musical evening and Jamming session.

The friends teased Tapish over his pretty “girlfriend” boss. Annoyed Tapish clarified Dimpy was just his superior.

Anupama advises Romil Like a Mother

Anupama’s anxious lashing made Romil emotional. She related to the Shahs’ pain of losing Samar prematurely. Worried for him, she implored Romil not to take safety lightly ever again. A repentant Romil apologized and promised to be careful.

Pakhi Spots Dimpy-Tapish Bonding

Later while returning, Pakhi and Adhik spotted Tapish teaching Dimpy dancing intimately. Pakhi got suspicious seeing their cozy equations beyond professional camaraderie.

Supportive Friendship Develops Between Tapish-Dimpy

Tapish apologized to Dimpy for his friends’ teasing earlier which annoyed her. He pledged a supportive friendship so she could focus on her happiness ignoring taunts. Dimpy agreed to try enjoying life again.

Malti Devi Tries Provoking Baa Against Bahus

Malti snidely commented Baa made a mistake leaving young Kavya-Dimpy alone at home unsupervised. She tried sowing seeds to turn Baa against her bahus over distrust.

Anuj-Anupama Enjoy Playful Bonding

Anupama romanced Anuj wearing his glasses while reading Choti’s book. Anuj threw a toy lizard making her hug him in fright. Anupama realized it was his pretext to get close teasingly.

Precap: Accusations Made About Dimpy-Tapish Pairing

Seeing them dance animatedly, Pakhi told Anupama she’s confirmed Dimpy-Tapish are romantically involved behind Samar’s back. When Baa asked what happened, Anuj lied nothing serious occurred on their way back.

Pakhi revealed Dimpy’s affair shocking everyone. A stunned Baa sat numbed while Malti provocatively taunted her again over it.

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