E1122 – Anupama 02 December 2023 Written Episode Update

Anuj-Anupama Stand Up for Mistreated Elder

Anupama lectured the rude girl that respecting hardworking elders brings dignity, not wealth. Anuj staunchly supported the waiter, even threatening the manager to find jobs for themselves if the old guy was fired.

After wiping his specs affectionately, Anuj gave his number urging to call anytime for assistance. The waiter emotionally thanked them for this rare humane treatment generally denied to him.

Tapish Apologizes and Reassures Dimpy

Tapish sincerely apologized to distraught Dimpy for unwittingly causing tension in her family unaware of her situation earlier. He understood their concern to protect her and Samar’s baby.

Tapish also admired her incredible resilience to combat challenges despite recurring setbacks. He pledged unwavering moral support whenever she felt overwhelmed or defeated.

Anupama Reassures Scared Choti

A frightened Choti asked about ghosts visiting her room at night. Caring Anupama dispelled her fears saying good children are protected by angels. She suggested making her sleep with them for comfort.

Dimpy Vents Out Her Insecurities to Samar

Dimpy regretfully ranted to Samar’s photo about failing to gain independence or lead a fulfilling life tortured by persistent rumors. Though regarding Titu only as a friend, she feared misconstruing his kind words wrong.

Baa Worries for Dimpy Being Alone

Baa expressed lingering anxiety to Babuji over leaving vulnerable Dimpy alone despite Vanraj’s return. Vanraj announced seeking their blessings as he embarked on a new venture but didn’t take Kavya’s priority hospital visit.

Choti Feels Insecure About Place in Family

When Pakhi vindictively told Choti that Anupama will abandon her after having her own baby, a distraught Choti asked if it’s true. Anuj-Anupama blasted furious Pakhi for deliberately threatening their daughter through vicious lies.

They reassured their crying child that she meant the world for them and they couldn’t live without her.

Anupama Decides to Retaliate Against Tormentors

Choti confessed Malti and Barkha also often scare her similarly. A seething Anupama decided she won’t tolerate this harassment of an innocent child just seeking love anymore.

Anuj pledged he won’t let Malti’s bullying slide further too. Anupama vowed to make them realize a mother’s fury for harming her darling daughter repeatedly.

Precap: Prevented from Visiting Shah Household

After Dimpy’s check-up, Vanraj met Anupama outside the hospital unexpectedly. Despite thanking her initially, he shortly ordered her not to frequent their household anymore without explaining further. A dumbfounded Anupama got shocked by this sudden hostile decree.

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