E1120 – Anupama 30 November 2023 Written Episode Update

Dimpy Explains Herself to Vanraj

Dimpy clarified to Vanraj that Tapish just introduced his friends and dropped her home platonically. Vanraj remained wary of Tapish’s intentions and prohibited Dimpy from trusting him or doing anything reckless.

A glum Dimpy left while Kavya tried reasoning with paranoid Vanraj to trust Dimpy.

Malti Devi’s Politics to Throw Out Elders

The next morning, Malti Devi created a scene over the inflated electricity bill, clearly targeting forgetful Babuji for keeping AC on constantly.

Baa apologized but Anuj affirmed he had no qualms paying for his father’s comfort. Malti immediately sucked up to pacify them.

Vanraj Repents His Past Behavior

Vanraj returned suddenly, stunning everyone. He apologized for his previous indifference and announced taking Baa-Babuji back right away.

Privately, Vanraj told Anuj how he couldn’t bear separation from his parents after experiencing the pain of losing a child. Anuj empathized and asked him to inform him if the elders needed anything in the future.

Dimpy Worries About Facing Accusations

Now free of house guests, gleeful Barkha and Malti congratulated each other. Meanwhile, Dimpy nervously anticipated Baa’s imminent scolding over rumors even if untrue.

Kavya lightened her mood before thoughtfully questioning why women still get judged so unfairly in society.

Anupama Warns Malti Devi Over Interference

Malti provocatively told Choti that in-laws can’t permanently live with their married daughter. Anupama asserted relations’ importance regardless of a household.

She chided Malti Devi for interfering in her family and trying to turn them against each other like foes.

Choti Fears Being Orphaned After Baby

A hurt Choti pledged to never marry or leave her parents. Pakhi vengefully instigated Choti that Anupama would abandon her at an orphanage after the baby, just like she forgot Pakhi.

Terrified Choti asked if it was true. Anupama fumed at Pakhi for traumatizing Choti and swore to disown her forever if she didn’t reform soon.

Precap: Prioritizing Dimpy Over Choti

Pakhi complained Anupama focuses more on Dimpy’s unborn baby than Choti nowadays. When Anupama swore she could never forget her child, Pakhi told a crying Choti she would be sent to an orphanage after the baby’s arrival.

Livid Anuj and Anupama angrily scolded Pakhi over this atrocious lie scaring innocent Choti.

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