E1121 – Anupama 01 December 2023 Written Episode Update

Tapish Vents Out His Frustration Through Dance

Alone at the academy, an agitated Tapish danced aggressively to release his pent-up emotions. He kept glancing at the door hoping Dimpy would show up.

Tapish recalled her saying she’d briefly forgotten all problems that evening. He also remembered Vanraj’s stern warning to stay away from Dimpy.

Anupama Counsels Tapish

Anupama found Tapish on the floor and offered him water. She empathized with Baa-Vanraj’s protectiveness towards pregnant Dimpy carrying Samar’s baby.

She advised Tapish to give friendship time instead of rushing. Tapish promised he would respect Dimpy and won’t let anyone defame her.

Dimpy Skips Class Fearing Backlash

Dimpy debated whether attending class would reignite rumors. She regretfully apologized to her unborn baby for avoiding stress despite trying to be happy.

Scheming Barkha-Malti Plan Against Anupama

Venting her frustration, Malti revealed Anupama threatened to throw her out today. Devious Barkha prodded Malti to act against Anupama before she attacked.

Romantic Dinner Date Of Anuj-Anupama

Anuj took Anupama out for a surprise dinner date. When Anupama got alarmed seeing the menu prices, caring Anuj asked her to stop worrying about money during their time together.

Girl Misbehaves With Waiter, Gets Anuj Anupama’s Fury

A bratty influencer girl deliberately threw water on an old waiter just because some drops accidentally fell on her dress earlier. Furious seeing her mistreat the humble man unfairly begging forgiveness, Anupama scolded the rude girl for her atrocious conduct lacking basic manners.

Supporting Anupama, bold Anuj threatened to ruin miss high-and-mighty’s reputation by showing her real influence. The girl immediately apologized in humiliation.

Precap: Traumatizing Choti Through Lies

Pakhi instigated Choti that Anupama will abandon her at an orphanage now favoring Dimpy’s unborn child more. When terrified Choti asked if it’s true, angry Anuj-Anupama blasted Pakhi for deliberately spewing atrocious lies and scaring the innocent kid.

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