E1112 – Anupama 22 November 2023 Written Episode Update

Special Appreciation Shown Towards Anuj

Anupama surprised Anuj by decorating a throne with a red cloth and crown. Anuj remarked that she was establishing a monarchy in a democratic country by making him the king. He jokingly asked which fort he won for her to give him such special treatment.

Anupama lovingly said that Anuj has won her heart and she wants to know how many more times he aims to win her heart. She expressed immense love for him. Anuj credited Anupama for filling his life with care and affection.

Societal Perception About Caring for In-Laws

Anuj stated that while a woman looking after her in-laws is not considered praiseworthy, even a small gesture by the man towards his in-laws earns him great regard. Anupama said Anuj has relieved her of all guilt by proactively caring for Baa, Babuji and Choti Anu.

She felt she wasn’t doing enough for them earlier. Anuj revealed he brought Baa-Babuji home after taking Anupama’s name, knowing she wants to care for them.

Ominous Signs of Trouble for Dimpy

Dimpy checked on sleeping Kavya at night. She then received a threatening call from a man asking if she felt lonely and if he should come over. Dimpy also heard loud knocking on the door and stood guard all night holding a knife for safety.

In the morning, Kavya found a fearful Dimpy sleeping on the floor still grasping the knife tightly. Dimpy narrated the harassment calls, indicating her past trauma was resurfacing.

Malti Devi Resents Elders’ Presence

Anupama informed Malti Devi about Anuj welcoming Baa-Babuji home for her peace of mind. Malti pretended to be okay with it. Pakhi complained about having to tolerate Baa’s taunts along with Anupama’s lectures now.

Later, Malti stopped Babuji from sitting on Anuj’s chair. Anuj scolded her and ensured the elders’ comfort. This resentful behavior worried Baa about overstaying.

Pakhi Gets Reprimanded for Rude Behavior

Pakhi questioned Anupama excessively serving Baa-Babuji. Anupama explained they are her parents too who have cared for Pakhi since childhood.

An irritated Anuj sent Pakhi to her room for breakfast, reprimanding her rude behavior. An embarrassed Pakhi left remarking the drama had begun early morning itself.

Tapish Finds Dimpy in Distressed State

The next morning, Tapish came to pick Dimpy for the dance academy. He was shocked to see the disheveled house, with furniture blocking the door. A tense Dimpy had barricaded herself in fear last night.

Kavya requested Tapish to take care of Dimpy without explaining further. Tapish seemed concerned for Dimpy’s strange behavior.

Anuj Expresses Gratitude Towards Elders

Anuj clarified to Baa-Babuji that he considers them his parents, not in-laws. He thanked them for showering love and affection on him through Anupama. Anupama was touched hearing this.

Shocking Precap

In the precap, some hoodlums harassed Dimpy once again. This time Tapish came to her defense but the men recorded their confrontation. They circulated the video online, worrying Anupama and the family about Dimpy. A distressed Dimpy broke down into tears.

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