E1111 – Anupama 21 November 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Gets Baa-Babuji Home

Anupama came home and hugged Anuj, saying everything would be okay now. Malti Devi watched them, seeming displeased.

Tapish visited Babuji, gave him a foot massage for his pain, and asked Dimpy for the academy keys. Dimpy refused since Baa was unwell. Tapish threatened to break the lock, so Dimpy reluctantly gave him the keys.

Caring For Baa-Babuji

Anupama advised Baa to take her medication and do brain exercises. Anuj brought supplements to boost their health.

Barkha complained to Malti that Anupama was ruling the household by sending things for Baa-Babuji. Malti realized Anuj preempted Anupama’s wish to care for them.

Baa-Babuji Shift to Kapadia House

Anuj brought Baa-Babuji home to ease Anupama’s burden of caregiving. Though initially reluctant, they agreed for Anupama’s sake.

Malti resentfully had them settled in the guest room. Barkha speculated Dimpy and Kavya would visit often now.

Bonding Between Dimpy and Kavya

Kavya suggested Dimpy stay with Anupama for some days but Dimpy refused to leave her alone. Kavya remarked Baa only objected to Anupama-Anuj’s friendship due to societal narrow-mindedness.

She directly asked Dimpy if she liked Tapish. Dimpy neither confirmed nor denied, but smiled to herself.

Baa-Babuji Make Themselves at Home

Anupama ensured Baa-Babuji were comfortable and could call her anytime with the electronic bell. They felt blessed to have Anuj as their son-in-law.

After Anupama left, Baa told Babuji they should leave once she recovered, aware Malti resented their presence.

Harassment Faced by Dimpy

Some hoodlums eve-teased Dimpy outside her academy. She rushed inside and watched them anxiously through the window.


Pakhi complained to Anupama about Baa-Babuji settling in. Anuj scolded Pakhi for her rude behavior and asked her to join the family for a meal.

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