E1110 – Anupama 20 November 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Finds Baa and Babuji Injured

When Anupama arrived at the Shah house, she was shocked to find Baa and Babuji lying unconscious on the floor. They regained consciousness and explained Babuji had fallen while taking Baa to the bathroom and they couldn’t call for help.

Anupama helped clean and change Baa. She lovingly tended to them, applying pain relief balm on Babuji’s foot. Anupama felt worried about leaving Choti Anu but focused on caring for the elderly couple.

Malti Criticizes Anupama

At the Kapadia house, Malti complained to Anuj that Anupama left even though Choti was unwell. She criticized Anupama for trying to care for two families. Anuj looked conflicted as Malti questioned Anupama’s priorities.

Pakhi blasted Malti for abandoning her own son yet judging Anupama’s parenting. Bickering erupted between Pakhi, Malti and Barkha. Malti threatened to throw everyone out of the house.

Anupama Comforts Baa and Babuji

Kavya and Dimpy apologized for being late to help. Anupama assured them it was okay. Babuji felt helpless and afraid of being a burden in old age.

Anupama comforted them, saying elders are a blessing and their wisdom guides the young. She encouraged them not to be ashamed and said she’d always be there. Anupama reluctantly left to check on Choti.

Anupama Cheers Up Choti

Donning a tiger mask, Anupama entertained Choti, explaining she had to help Baa. Choti forgave her and they hugged. Anupama felt relieved that Choti’s fever was gone. But she remained concerned for Baa and Babuji.

Kavya and Dimpy Care for Elders

Kavya and Dimpy decided to play ludo with Baa and Babuji to cheer them up. They resolved to stay and care for the elderly couple despite past differences.

Romil Opens Up to Anupama

Romil confessed he cared for Choti as a sister now. He reminisced about lacking affection as a child. Anupama comforted him like a mother. Romil warned Malti may try to separate her and Anuj. Anupama was confident no one could divide them.


No precap provided.

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