E1050 – Anupama 20 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Malti Gets Lost, Pakhi Helps

Malti Devi wandered out of her room feeling suffocated. She got lost trying to find her way back. Anupama offered to take Malti back but Pakhi volunteered instead. As Pakhi led Malti away, Malti glanced at Anuj which made him uncomfortable. Anuj told Anupama he doesn’t like how Malti stares at him.

Planning Anuj’s Birthday Celebrations

Anupama suggested Anuj wrap up his meeting and spend time with her and Choti Anu. She offered to donate to the orphanage for his birthday like he does every year. Anuj was touched that Anupama knew this tradition of his.

At the Shah house, the family discussed celebrating Anuj’s birthday. Baa decided to dance happily at the party. Babuji advised Vanraj to control his anger around Adhik and Romil to avoid any drama.

Power Outage at Both Houses

As Pakhi assigned party duties to Adhik and Romil, the lights flickered at the Kapadia house. Dimpy also came to the Shahs feeling weak but insisted on attending the party. Suddenly the lights flickered at their house too, surprising everyone.

Anupama Visits Orphanage

On her way to the orphanage, Anupama misplaced Malti’s son’s photo in the dustbin. She prayed to God to help her find Malti’s son. At the orphanage, Anupama accidentally gave the lady Malti’s son’s photo along with Anuj’s donation check.

The lady recognized the boy and revealed she knew both him and Malti Devi. This shocked Anupama, who asked where he lived now.

Anuj’s Birthday Party Begins

Back at the party, Baa greeted Anuj and praised him despite troubling Anupama. Anuj told Baa not to taunt Anupama anymore. Malti watched the party from afar which made Anuj uncomfortable.

He hoped Malti wouldn’t attend his party. Anuj waited for Anupama’s arrival before starting the celebrations. To pass time, they played a game on Pakhi’s suggestion.

Anupama Gets Shocking News

Meanwhile, the orphanage lady told Anupama something shocking about Malti’s son. Anupama left the orphanage stunned.


In the precap, a smiling Anupama says a mother and son will reunite today. At the party, Anuj continues waiting for Anupama’s arrival before cutting his cake. Malti keeps staring at Anuj which bothers him.

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