E1049 – Anupama 19 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Anuj Finds File About Malti’s Son

Anuj was looking through the file Anupama mentioned about Malti’s son when Choti Anu interrupted needing homework help. Anuj tucked away the file to assist her.

Meanwhile, Anupama showed Malti her old ghungroos which jogged Malti’s memory. Malti recognized Anupama as her student and felt remorseful for trying to separate her from her kids. Anupama forgave Malti, saying even gurus can make mistakes. Anuj overheard them and was glad Malti remembered her misdeeds.

Kavya’s Sonography Appointment

At the Shah house, Kinjal scolded Baa to rest instead of helping her. Dimpy remarked how baby Pari is happiest with her. When Kavya mentioned going for sonography, Baa insisted that Vanraj take her to the hospital instead of letting her take an auto-rickshaw.

Planning Anuj’s Birthday Party

Anupama updated Anuj that Malti’s memory was returning. Pakhi suggested they have a rocking birthday party for Anuj with glitz and glamor. Barkha worried Malti might cause trouble if invited. Anupama realized she’d have to decide about including Malti.

Anupama Finds Photo of Malti’s Baby

Anupama examined the file and found a baby photo, likely of Malti’s son. She showed Malti the picture, which triggered a flashback of her husband threatening to take their son away. Malti cried confirming it was her child. Anupama prayed to reunite mother and son.

Anuj Tries to See His Gift

Anupama was wrapping Anuj’s birthday gift but he got impatient and tried peeking. Anupama playfully scolded him for not waiting when he had waited 26 years for her. Their romantic moment was interrupted when Anuj spotted something concerning.

Preview of Next Episode

In the preview, Anupama prays to God to help find Malti’s son. Anuj tells Anupama he doesn’t want Malti at his party. Later at the party, Anupama arrives holding the son’s photo, indicating she may have tracked him down.

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