E1048 – Anupama 18 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Searches for Clues About Malti’s Son

Anupama examined the old orphanage receipt she found, but couldn’t make out all the faded details. She wondered if the 25,000 rupee payment was related to giving up her son. However, Anupama couldn’t believe Malti would do that. If Malti’s son was given to an orphanage decades ago, he would now be over 40 years old. Anupama hoped to find Malti’s long-lost son to jog her memory.

Meanwhile, at home, Kavya happily told her unborn baby that Baa had thanked her. Kinjal made Baa eat soup for her health, but Baa complained she’d rather have poison. Everyone scolded Baa and said she needed to take care of herself.

Anupama Tells Anuj About Her Findings

When Anupama returned home, she took the file from Anuj. She updated him about finding Malti’s son’s birth certificate which showed he was around Anuj’s age now. Anuj suggested they search for Malti’s son, thinking it may restore her memory.

Anupama also informed Anuj about Baa’s fainting episode. Anuj offered to take Baa to the best doctor, but Anupama assured him that Vanraj and his family were caring for her.

Vanraj Expresses Love for Parents

Vanraj peeked in on sleeping Babuji and Baa, then got worried and checked they were breathing. This woke up Baa, who assumed he was checking if she died. Vanraj said he can’t imagine life without them and wants them in his life forever.

Baa laughed at his sentimentality but appreciated that he’s a caring son and father. Babuji also told Baa he loves her. He remarked that Vanraj would become a good husband to Kavya, though he failed with Anupama.

Anupama Prays for Malti and Her Son

Anupama prayed to God while doing her tulsi puja, asking for Malti to reunite with her son. When Samar cried to her about his friend Manoj’s death, it reminded Anupama that a child needs their father no matter what.

She prayed again for Malti and her son, as well as for Manoj’s family. Anupama was determined to find Malti’s son and reunite mother and child. Meanwhile, Anuj found the file about Malti’s son that Anupama hid away.

Preview of Next Episode

In the preview, Anupama shows Malti her old ghungroos which helps jog Malti’s memory. Malti recognizes Anupama as her student. When Anupama shows Malti the picture of her son, Malti confirms he is her child and cries. Anuj watches their emotional reunion.

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