E1047 – Anupama 17 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Tries to Find Malti’s Family

Anupama went to Malti Devi’s old dance academy to search for any clues about Malti’s family. She prayed to find something that could help jog Malti’s memory. A lady there told Anupama that an old suitcase of Malti’s was left in storage.

Anupama looked through the suitcase and found ghungroos, toys, and other personal items. She also found a tattered birth certificate for Malti’s son and a receipt from an orphanage. This gave Anupama hope that she could find Malti’s long-lost son.

Baa Faints

Meanwhile, at home, Baa fainted in the kitchen from smoke inhalation after forgetting to turn off the stove. Kavya found Baa unconscious and called Vanraj and Samar for help. Baa regained consciousness at the hospital.

Everyone thanked Kavya for her quick action. Kavya got emotional seeing Baa’s gratitude towards her. The doctor said Baa’s blood pressure was already high and the smoke caused her to faint.

Babuji scolded Baa for taking on too much work like Anupama used to do. He said Baa needs to take care of her health. Baa promised to be more careful.

Anupama Tells Anuj About Her Findings

Anupama told Anuj about finding Malti’s birth certificate and orphanage receipt at the dance academy. The birth certificate showed Malti had a son who would be around 70 years old now.

Anupama was hopeful this could help bring back Malti’s memory. She wanted to track down her long-lost son. Anuj was supportive and said they should try to locate Malti’s son.

Preview of Next Episode

In the preview, Anupama shows Malti a photo of her son. Malti starts crying seeing the picture, indicating she recognizes her son. Anupama asks Malti where her son is now, hoping to reunite them.

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