E1046 – Anupama 16 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Malti Devi Claims Anuj As Her Son

Seeing Anuj save her from injury, amnesiac Malti Devi happily calls him son and touches his face affectionately. Everyone is shocked when she requests to take his mother home. A displeased Anuj walks away.

Ankush-Barkha Argue Over Their Sons

Ankush tells Barkha to stop staring and speak up. Barkha says he knows what his son Romil did. Ankush points out she always defends Adhik’s mistakes, unlike him accepting Romil’s wrongdoing. Barkha firmly insists Adhik won’t err again.

Shahs Discuss Romil’s Forgiveness

Baa thanks God for Pakhi’s safe return. Toshu objects to forgiving foolish Romil and Adhik but Kinjal argues people change with guilt and love. Toshu calls it foolish trust. Kinjal reminds even he broke trust before.

Kavya relates to loving someone deeply despite mistakes. She hopes Vanraj may accept her baby someday since she persists in staying for love.

Anupama Appeals Malti Devi’s Case

Anuj tells Anupama they aren’t Malti Devi’s family. But Anupama points out Malti Devi is elderly and unwell with no one while they have each other. She believes Malti Devi will leave once better.

Adhik-Barkha Warn Against Trusting Romil

Adhik, Barkha and Pakhi plan a movie outing with Romil. Though Adhik and Barkha warn against trusting Romil, Pakhi insists he’ll reform with family love like she did.

Malti Devi’s Strange Behavior Upsets Anuj

Malti Devi startles everyone by hugging Anuj and claiming him as her son. Anuj is disturbed by her behavior and walks away. He tells Anupama he hates Malti Devi seeing him as her son.


Anupama finds Malti Devi’s house deeds and a shocking birth certificate. Meanwhile, Babuji finds unconscious Baa and shouts for Leela.

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