E1045 – Anupama 15 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Pakhi Forgives and Defends Romil

Inspector arrives for Romil but Pakhi takes back her complaint, calling it an unintended prank gone wrong. She argues everyone got chances so why not forgive foolish Romil’s mistake?

Though Vanraj objects to saving this criminal, Pakhi explains that Romil kept her safe and didn’t let anyone harm her. She wants to give repentant Romil a chance to reform.

Family Agrees to Give Romil Another Chance

An emotional Romil apologizes and thanks Pakhi for the chance. Anupama agrees to give Romil a second chance to earn forgiveness through good behavior. Pakhi insists on celebrating the festival forgetting everything.

Pakhi Ties Rakhi to Complete the Ritual

Pakhi happily ties Rakhi to her family members including forgiving one to Romil. Anupama feels all is well for now but issues remain to be handled. She thanks God for the best gift of getting Pakhi back.

Anuj Questions Forgiveness of Adhik

Anuj asks if Pakhi is right to forgive foolish Romil and abusive Adhik. Anupama trusts reformed Romil but not Adhik. Vanraj also disagrees with readily forgiving them but is helpless after Pakhi’s marriage.

Anuj Will Respect Anupama’s Decision on Malti Devi

Anuj says he’ll have amnesiac Malti Devi moved from home if doctors advise, not trusting her with Anupama. But he’ll respect Anupama’s decision who feels responsible for Malti Devi’s condition.

Romil Promises to be a Good Brother

Looking at his rakhi, remorseful Romil promises to become a good brother to Pakhi and Choti Anu. He hugs and apologizes to Choti Anu for his past rude behavior.

Vanraj Thanks and Cautions Anupama

Vanraj cautions Anupama to be careful with Pakhi, though thanks them for everything. Anuj jokes his emotional quota is over. Anupama thanks Anuj for being her kids’ best buddy and forgetting his birthday for Pakhi.

Doctor Diagnoses Dissociative Amnesia

The doctor diagnoses Malti Devi with dissociative amnesia. He advises making her recall memories often for faster recovery. Anupama wants to care for her but Anuj prefers medical care.


Seeing Anuj save her from injury, an amnesiac Guru Maa calls his son and asks to take his mother home. Anuj and Anupama are shocked at this development.

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