E1044 – Anupama 14 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Guru Maa Rescues Drugged Pakhi

Guru Maa helps disoriented Pakhi stand up as goons approach. At home, Anupama insists Pakhi is returning soon. Suddenly, Guru Maa enters with Pakhi, reuniting the crying mother-daughter.

Guru Maa reveals finding unconscious Pakhi before collapsing herself. Anuj and Ankush carry her inside while Anupama takes Pakhi in.

Adhik Repents of Mistreating Pakhi

Adhik apologizes to sleeping Pakhi for hurting, slapping, and manipulating her despite her love and defiance of Anupama for him. He promises to become a good, loving husband realizing how much he needs Pakhi.

Family Overjoyed at Pakhi’s Return

Samar and Toshu apologize to Vanraj for being unable to find Pakhi. Getting Anuj’s news, an elated Vanraj announces her return. At home, they crowd around embracing Pakhi.

Pakhi Explains Her Ordeal

Pakhi tells Adhik she was kept comfortably by polite kidnappers who even fed her favorite foods regularly. They likely gave her sleeping pills for shouting. Finding the door open, she escaped in a drugged state.

Romil Regrets His Foolish Prank

In his room, a remorseful Romil thanks God for Pakhi’s return to the nice lady who brought her home safely. He worries about deserved punishment from Anuj.

Family Debates Punishing Romil

Baa says jail will reform Romil but Vanraj insists on harsher punishment. Though Ankush defends it as being unintentional, Vanraj argues Romil deserves consequences for the pain caused and tries taking him to the police station.

Anuj Equally Blames Adhik Too

Anuj stops Vanraj, promising Romil’s punishment. He reminds Adhik is equally undeserving of forgiveness. Malti Devi appears but fails to recognize Anupama.


Pakhi ties Rakhi to family, including a forgiving one to repentant Romil. Anuj tells Anupama he’ll respect her decision about shifting amnesiac Malti Devi somewhere else for safety.

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