E1043 – Anupama 13 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Scolds Careless Romil

Anupama scolds Romil that his prank deserves punishment, saying today’s kids think small and seek revenge for petty things. She asks where her missing daughter is because of his thoughtless revenge.

Toshu Hides Trafficking Possibility

Toshu hides the goon’s human trafficking possibility from distraught Samar, asking him to stay strong as they continue searching. Samar hopes to find Pakhi soon.

Anupama Rebukes Romil’s Foolishness

Anupama reprimands Romil for not realizing the serious implications of confining someone against their will. She worries scared Pakhi must have fled when able to. Anupama warns Romil he’s responsible if anything happens.

Adhik Fixated on Blaming Romil

Anuj calls Anupama but can’t reach her. Adhik keeps insisting Romil is involved despite Ankush’s warning against unfounded accusations.

Anupama Learns About Sleeping Pills

Anupama forces Romil’s friend to reveal he gave Pakhi sleeping pills when she kept shouting. A horrified Anupama and Romil realize Pakhi is roaming around drowsy and vulnerable.

Family Learns of Romil’s Foolish Prank

Bringing Romil home, Anupama reveals his misguided prank. Adhik slaps Romil for claiming ignorance about Pakhi. Barkha points out Anupama blamed Adhik earlier. A regretful Romil swears he didn’t intend harm.

Drowsy Pakhi Approached by Goons

Unable to see clearly, a stumbling Pakhi calls for her mom. Samar and Toshu search unaware as goons approach drugged Pakhi. But they stop seeing someone familiar.


Anupama senses Pakhi is coming back. Guru Maa returns disoriented Pakhi home safely, reuniting her with Anupama.

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