E1042 – Anupama 12 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Confronts Romil

Seeing Pakhi’s bag at the friend’s house, Anupama demands to know where her daughter is. A shocked Romil regrets his actions. Anupama asks why he stayed silent despite their tears and police complaint. She vows to uncover the truth today.

Vanraj Determined to Search for Pakhi

Vanraj insists on searching for Pakhi despite Baa’s pleas to wait. Samar and Toshu convince him to stay home while they search, as her brothers. Baa prays nothing wrong happens to strong Pakhi.

Samar-Toshu’s False Alarm

Samar and Toshu are momentarily relieved seeing a girl resembling Pakhi fall on their car. But it’s just someone shooting a reckless video. Samar considers informing Anupama but Toshu says she’s already stressed.

Romil Reveals His Prank

Romil reveals he planned a prank on Pakhi and Adhik to teach them a lesson for accusing him of theft. His friend, pretending to be Adhik’s friend, convinced Pakhi to meet and they briefly confined her as payback.

Toshu Gets Ominous Tip

A goon tells Toshu he hasn’t heard of Pakhi’s kidnapping but there’s a human trafficking possibility. Toshu hides this from a distraught Samar to avoid scaring him further.

Anupama Learns of Romil Prank

An angry Anupama scolds Romil for silently watching their pain. Romil confesses planning the prank after overhearing Pakhi’s warning. He says they only wanted to briefly lock up Pakhi as revenge.


Anupama warns if anything happens to Pakhi because of Romil’s thoughtless prank, he’ll face consequences. Meanwhile, Pakhi falls down with goons approaching her.

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