E1041 – Anupama 11 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Romil Worries About Police Investigation

Seeing Adhik back, Romil worries the police freed him too soon if it’s a warning for him too. He panics about the impending police investigation, trying to figure out how to meet his friend.

Anupama Surprises Anuj on His Birthday

Despite everything, Anupama surprises Anuj with a birthday rose and poetry wish. Anuj gets emotional when she remembers his birthday even amid sorrow. Anupama says we shouldn’t miss moments of happiness in hard times.

Family Prays for Pakhi’s Return

At Janmashtami prayers, Vanraj pleads with God not to punish Pakhi for his sins. Anupama prays to be reunited with Pakhi and make it a real festival. Anuj also prays for Pakhi’s return.

Anupama Notices Romil Sneaking Out

Anupama finds Romil missing and recalls his lies about leaving with Adhik. Seeing his secretive exit, she recalls his nervousness and decides to follow him.

Adhik Threatens Romil

Adhik threatens to expose Romil’s involvement in Pakhi’s kidnapping if he tries to leave. A defiant Romil asks him to get lost. Worried, Romil decides to sneak out and find a solution.

Anupama Follows Romil

Anupama secretly follows Romil in an auto, saying she has to know where he’s going despite doubting a kid. She sees him meeting a friend and prays her doubts are wrong.

Anupama Investigates Romil’s Friend’s House

Anupama follows Romil to his friend’s house, hoping to solve the mystery. Romil enters the house and is shocked. Peeping in, Anupama suddenly shouts seeing Pakhi’s bag inside, and asks where her daughter is.


Romil breaks down. A desperate Anupama asks again where her daughter Pakhi is.

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