E1040 – Anupama 10 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Barkha and Ankush Defend Adhik

Barkha insists Adhik wouldn’t harm Pakhi, offering to disown him if guilty. Ankush also vouches for Adhik’s innocence. Upset that Ankush trusts Adhik, Romil hears them hoping to get Adhik arrested too.

Family Fears the Worst

Not reaching Anuj, a worried Ankush, and Barkha take an inconsolable Anupama to Shahs. Hearing Anuj go for identification, Anupama cries it’s not her Pakhi. But Anuj confirms the dead body wasn’t Pakhi’s.

Inspector Gives Adhik a Clean Chit

The inspector shares Adhik confessed to abuse and office fraud but has an alibi proving he didn’t kidnap Pakhi. Barkha argues for Adhik’s innocence. Adhik returns pleading his case too.

Family Explores Other Angles

Though Adhik is suspected, the lack of a ransom call raises doubts. Anupama decides to explore other angles, focusing on finding Pakhi first. She stops Vanraj from chasing Adhik out for now.

Adhik Pretends Remorse and Pleas

Alone, Adhik pretends remorse about slapping Pakhi, pleading to punish him but finds the real culprit. Anupama refuses to forgive his abuse but agrees to investigate fully before it’s too late.

Prayers for Pakhi’s Return

Hearing Janmashtami celebrations, the family prays fervently for Pakhi’s return before the festival. Baa pleads with God for Pakhi’s safe return to celebrate His birth.


Anupama vows to not rest until Pakhi is found. When Ankush suggests going to the police station, Anuj reveals the police are coming over instead, worrying Romil. Despite everything, Anupama surprises Anuj by wishing him a happy birthday.

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