E1039 – Anupama 09 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Defends Herself as a Mother

Anupama argues she gave Pakhi the harsh truth, not false hope of Adhik changing. She states women spend lives trying to change husbands while losing their youth. As a mother, guiding her daughter was her duty which didn’t make her a bad mother.

Family Focuses on Finding Pakhi

Anuj insists they focus on finding Pakhi first before debating. The Shahs leave to inform Baa-Babuji, requesting Anupama take care. She asks them to care for the elders too. Vanraj apologizes before leaving.

Family Imagines and Misses Pakhi

Inspector’s routine call about unidentified bodies worries the family. Everyone reminisces moments with Pakhi, praying she’s safe. Vanraj and Anupama imagine Pakhi returning but realize it’s not real.

Siblings Regret Past Actions

Toshu cries with Pakhi’s gift, regretting failing as a brother. Samar regrets fighting with Pakhi over games, begging her return. The family continues hoping while fearing for Pakhi.

Anupama’s Grief and Denial

Anupama wanders around hollering for Pakhi, assuming she’s playing hide-and-seek. Anuj brings her home, stating Pakhi is missing not playing. A distraught Anupama insists on seeing Pakhi there.

Inspector Gives Ominous News

Inspector reveals a girl meeting Pakhi’s description had an accident that morning. Though Anupama denies it, a shocked Anuj asks for hospital details. At the hospital, the doctor says the girl is critical.


Anupama hugs a crying Baa, saying “our Sweety…” The devastated family fears the worst. Vanraj sits in stunned silence.

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