E1038 – Anupama 08 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Anuj Tries Pacifying Anupama

Anuj assures after talking to the DCP that Pakhi’s case will be handled carefully. A worried Anupama reminisces Pakhi’s childhood habit of hugging her when she cried. Anuj appeals to not think negatively and trust God is with them.

Accusations Fly at Adhik

Adhik threatens to expose Romil if he doesn’t reveal Pakhi’s location. But Romil vows to expose Adhik’s abuse leading to his arrest. The Shah men angrily confront Adhik over Pakhi.

Anupama Gets Adhik Arrested

Anupama filed a complaint against Adhik despite Barkha’s pleas. She admits her mistake was staying silent due to Pakhi and regrets it, before fainting.

Vanraj Blames Anupama’s Interference

Regaining consciousness, Anupama asks if Pakhi returned. Vanraj blames Anupama for not stopping interference despite Pakhi’s warnings. Anuj insists this is not the time for blame but focusing on Anupama and finding Pakhi.

Anupama Defends Herself

Anupama argues she pushed Pakhi to fight injustice, not to silently suffer. She admits late action against Adhik but questions why Vanraj never handled Pakhi before. She highlights Vanraj’s own inaction.

Vanraj Criticizes Anupama’s Mothering

Vanraj states Anupama should’ve waited like she endured 26 years with him. He argues she unreasonably expects an instant switch off of Pakhi’s love. Anupama points out his own failure to make things right with Pakhi.

Anupama Rejects the Blame

Anupama explains trying to make Pakhi see Adhik’s emotional manipulation and expected agreement. She rejects Vanraj’s blame, arguing she’d never intentionally trouble her daughter. Vanraj’s accusations leave her distraught.


The inspector reveals a girl matching Pakhi’s description met with an accident that morning. The shocked family fears the worst as a devastated Anupama hugs Baa, crying for their Sweety.

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