E1037 – Anupama 07 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Allows Pakhi’s Choice

Anupama says Pakhi needn’t attend if unwilling, and she’s not doing any favor since family and festival don’t matter to her – just Adhik. She takes only Choti Anu along.

At Shahs, Anupama informs about stubborn Pakhi’s refusal. Anuj hopes she’ll calm down and come. Choti Anu insists on being there.

Adhik Manipulates Reluctant Pakhi

Seeing gifts and hearing her brothers’ messages pains Pakhi. Adhik “allows” her to go, saying not to sacrifice for him. But Pakhi chooses Adhik, who secretly grins.

Concerns Grow Over Missing Pakhi

Pakhi messages she’s coming but doesn’t show up. Calls go unanswered too. The family worries and decides to check at home. Adhik claims being out with a friend when Anupama questions about Pakhi’s whereabouts.

Accusations Fly Over Pakhi’s Disappearance

Adhik points out he left before Pakhi, but Romil insists they went together. Adhik denies anything happening. A teary Anupama pleads for information on her missing daughter from Adhik.

Family Waits in Anxiety

The Shahs miss Pakhi on her favorite festival. Dimpy’s callous comment angers them. Despite her earlier refusal, they hope Pakhi is safe. Anuj tries assuring anxious Anupama while searching for Pakhi.

Adhik Pretends Concern

Adhik falsely expresses fear that heartbroken Pakhi might have harmed herself. He insists on his love for Pakhi when Anupama doubts abuse. Vanraj is shocked to learn of Pakhi’s disappearance.


Adhik accuses Anupama before the Shahs of forcing Pakhi out. Anupama asks if she should have stayed silent on abuse. Adhik warns her to know limits and claims worrying for Pakhi, which Anupama denies.

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