E1036 – Anupama 06 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Anuj-Anupama Prep for Rakhi Celebrations

Anupama says Rakhi itself is the gift but worries about celebrating amid problems. Anuj shares Babuji’s invitation for them, Pakhi, Choti Anu and Romil, pointedly excluding Adhik. Anupama wonders if Pakhi will attend without Adhik.

Anuj compliments Anupama while getting ready. Choti Anu shares her plan to tie Romil Rakhi if he agrees, and prays nothing goes wrong with this festival.

Dimpy Objects to Rakhi Expenditure

Dimpy objects to Samar’s Rakhi gifts for Pakhi-Choti Anu, citing wasted money. Toshu shuts her down, saying siblings can gift freely. Vanraj emphasizes nothing can come between siblings.

Adhik Gifted Stolen Necklace

Barkha ties Adhik rakhi, wishing she cared nothing about others’ opinions. Pakhi beams as Choti Anu complains they started without them.

Pakhi shocks Barkha by gifting her a stolen necklace from Anupama, pretending it’s from her and Adhik. Though hesitant, Barkha accepts it on Adhik’s signal. Pakhi emphasizes her faith in good Adhik.

Romil Emotional After Rakhi Tying

Choti Anu seeks and gets permission to tie Romil Rakhi. Anupama explains the festival’s significance. Choti Anu promises a future ice cream treat for brother Romil, who gets emotional.

Despite Adhik’s show of leaving it to Pakhi, she declines to tie Romil Rakhi. Choti Anu insists they should leave for Shahs now.

Pakhi Threatens Boycott Without Adhik

Pakhi insists on attending with Adhik though he wasn’t invited. She threatens to boycott and hand her project to Adhik instead.

Anupama scolds her childishness and asks her to value work over tantrums. Pakhi argues about what’s done to son-in-law. Anupama highlights Adhik’s misdeeds. Pakhi claims his change.


Adhik accuses Anupama before Shahs of forcing Pakhi out. Anupama asks if she should’ve stayed mum on abuse. Adhik warns her to know limits and claims fear for Pakhi, which Anupama denies.

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