E1035 – Anupama 05 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Comforts Hurting Romil

Romil recalls Ankush’s humiliation over the theft. Anupama comforts him, saying she knows he didn’t steal it. Like a lie detector, a mother understands the truth about her children.

Though she lacks proof, Anupama believes Romil’s innocence. Touched, Romil says no one ever trusted him so much.

Anupama Exposes adhik’s Theft Plot

Anupama reveals overhearing Adhik stop Barkha from calling the police to save face, proving their theft plot. Cornered, Adhik claims Barkha said no staff was home when Anupama counters the money was found in the almirah by Pakhi. Realizing he’s caught, Adhik calls it enough.

Pakhi Defends Adhik

Pakhi jumps in, insisting it’s enough interference in her marriage. She argues why separate their happiness and accuses Anupama of targeting Adhik like Nani didn’t interfere in her marriages. She threatens consequences if it doesn’t stop.

Anupama Warns Adhik

Adhik pretends to fear angry Pakhi but Anupama warns him to fear a mother’s anger, not blind daughterly love. She emphasizes seeing through his lies and schemes against Romil and the company. Anupama vows to turn the tables on their games as a protective mother.

Shahs Prepare for Rakhi

Baa instructs preparations for Rakhi, inviting Anuj-Anupama-Anu. Though Dimpy plans on tying Adhik a rakhi, the family rejects him as an abusive brother-in-law. Kavya offers to make Pakhi’s favorite carrot cake.

Anuj Decides to Move Out Romil

Anuj tells Anupama he thought about sending away the problematic Romil. But Anupama reveals Adhik’s plot to frame Romil, shocking Anuj over the betrayal. With Pakhi blindly supporting Adhik, they feel stuck.

Adhik Plots Revenge on Anupama

Adhik realizes Anupama exposed his theft. Barkha worries they’ll be evicted for it. Adhik sinisterly plans to use trusting Pakhi as a shield against Anupama and take over the Kapadia empire.


Adhik accuses Anupama before the Shahs of forcing Pakhi to leave. Anupama asks if she should’ve stayed silent on the abuse. Adhik warns her to know limits, claiming he fears for Pakhi. Anupama denies anything happening to Pakhi.

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