E1034 – Anupama 04 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Vanraj Needs Time to Decide

Vanraj tells Kavya he loves her but needs time as his stance wavered with questions. He apologizes for giving and then takes back hope. Though he stopped her from leaving as he didn’t want to be alone, the stress was too much for her.

Kavya Seeks Forgiveness

Kavya asks Babuji to speak to her. Though hurt, he says mistakes are in one’s hands. Kavya admits her mistake but emphasizes her love for Vanraj. Babuji allows her to stay though not discussing it more. Baa rejects Kavya, who begs for forgiveness. Kavya feels everyone loved her until yesterday but now no one wants to see her.

Money Search Continues; Romil Blamed

While searching, Ankush asks if Barkha really looked as if no outsider had come. Barkha points out that Adhik was also there. When Adhik tries preventing Romil from checking his room, Romil refuses. Pakhi tells Romil to mind his manners with her husband.

Money Found in Romil’s Room

Barkha gets hurt checking Romil’s room. Pakhi then reveals finding the briefcase of money in his room. A defiant Romil insists he’s being framed.

Romil Accuses Adhik-Barkha

Romil accuses plotting Adhik-Barkha of hiding the money to trap him. Barkha checks Adhik’s room but nothing is found. She calls Romil a thief for accusing her. Romil points out a thief would have fled with the money, not kept it in his room. Adhik and Pakhi defend each other while Ankush scolds Romil. Accusations fly between them all.

Anuj Loses Patience – Matter Closed

Anuj gives them showpieces to hit each other with, unsuccessfully trying to extract the truth. Adhik avoids police involvement to save face. Anuj warns another issue will end his patience.


Anupama can see through Adhik’s antics that Pakhi misses. Pakhi threatens consequences if Anupama keeps interfering in her married life.

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