E1033 – Anupama 03 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Baa Objects; Vanraj Stands Firm

Leela warns Vanraj about their reputation for accepting another’s baby. But Vanraj argues he faced no backlash for cheating before. With a calm heart, truth is seen – this baby is now his like Anu is Anuj-Anupama’s.

Despite Baa’s warnings and crying, Vanraj insists Kavya is his wife and the baby. Everyone is shocked by his stance.

Anupama Checks Vanraj’s Conviction

As Vanraj moves to hold Kavya’s hand, Anupama stops them, agreeing with his decision but wanting to ensure his heart doesn’t waver later. She cautions such lifelong forgiveness isn’t in his nature.

Anupama just wants to check the strength of the foundation of their renewed happiness. She asks Vanraj to carefully consider if he can commit to Kavya and the baby forever. Kavya agrees he should decide after thought.

Dimpy Enjoys Shah Family Drama

Dimpy laughs over the family drama around Kavya’s baby, enjoying the entertainment. When Samar calls it out, she argues it’s normal in-law behavior. Samar decides to teach dance lessons to avoid the drama at home.

Vanraj Backtracks on Forgiveness

A worried Baa awaits Vanraj’s final decision. When Kavya pleads for an answer, Vanraj admits he can’t truly forgive her or accept the baby, despite his earlier emotional claims. Anupama’s pointed questions made him reconsider with logic.

Adhik Tries Framing Romil

Ankush forgot Anuj’s money briefcase, jeopardizing important work. Adhik plans to frame Romil for stealing it. Though Romil denies seeing it, his fallen watch raises suspicion.

Anupama Wants Adhik Exposed

Anupama hopes Adhik’s manipulations get exposed to Pakhi soon. She tells Anuj that Kavya did right confessing, as late truths hurt more. She prays problems to come one at a time for resolution.


Anupama can see through Adhik’s antics that fool Pakhi. Pakhi threatens Anupama to not interfere in her married life or face consequences.

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