E1032 – Anupama 02 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Appeals to Forgive the Innocent Baby

Anupama explains one must let the boiling water cool to see their reflection clearly. Similarly, Baa should calm down before deciding about the pregnant Kavya.

Baa argues when Anupama was betrayed, she didn’t stay either. Anupama agrees Baa is right to hate Kavya but reminds the unborn baby is innocent and shouldn’t be cursed. She argues elders’ mistakes punish the children, like Romil for Ankush’s sins and now this baby for Kavya’s.

Kavya Explains Her Weakness and Guilt

When allowed to explain herself, Kavya expresses it was her weakest moment but the guilt led her to confess despite knowing it would hurt them. She truly loves Vanraj.

Babuji doubts her love. Kavya says she loves him so much she couldn’t lie but also knew a lie couldn’t sustain their love. She confesses and seeks their judgment.

Vanraj Forgives Kavya

Kavya knows she won’t be forgiven but pleads for a chance, arguing even Toshu stayed after cheating. Baa refuses forgiveness or punishment, telling her to leave and raise her baby alone.

As Anupama tries taking Kavya in, Baa objects she’s supporting a sinner while Vanraj was forgiven. When Baa orders Kavya thrown out, Vanraj adamantly states Kavya won’t go anywhere.

Vanraj’s Change of Heart

Vanraj says this is his penance for cheating Anupama. Despite that, Anupama never hated him. If he can’t forgive Kavya and the baby now, then why was he forgiven? He saw Anu with Anuj-Anupama and realized blood relations aren’t everything.

He argues women always forgive men’s mistakes. So as a man, why can’t he forgive a woman for once? He accepts Kavya and her baby. Anupama smiles proudly at his growth.


Anupama warns Adhik that she can see through his manipulations that Pakhi misses. Pakhi threatens consequences if Anupama doesn’t stop interfering in her married life.

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