E1031 – Anupama 01 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Anuj Scolds Backward Thinking Pakhi

Anuj tells Pakhi he won’t let her decide office matters based on her personal life tantrums. He calls her more backward than modernly dressed Anupama, who is progressive despite simple clothes and English. After Adhik’s slap, Pakhi shouldn’t act vulnerable but is embarrassing women.

Adhik Frames Romil

Adhik tells Barkha he’s framing Romil by stealing money into his room. Barkha realizes he wants Romil thrown out so even Anupama can’t object.

Kavya Reveals Truth; Baa Lashes Out

Kavya reveals her baby is not Vanraj’s but Anirudh’s. The shocked family had celebrated unaware. Baa says Kavya has blackened their respect. When a woman sins, the family bears punishment.

Baa confronts them for hiding the truth and enabling Kavya’s betrayal of both husbands. Anupama says Kavya showed courage in confessing. Baa rejects her defense.

Family Criticizes Anupama’s Support

Anupama tries to stop Baa’s outburst. Baa feels backstabbed that she hid this and pushes Anupama away. Toshu surprisingly says even he didn’t stoop so low. Dimpy calls it a bad movie plot.

Double Standards for Men-Women Called Out

Kinjal objects to Toshu shouting at women’s but not men’s mistakes. Toshu points out the double standards in reaction to Anupama versus Kavya’s situations. Anupama tells him enough.

Baa Throws Out Kavya

Baa tries dragging Kavya out, saying only the housewife stays, not her. Anupama pleads for the unborn baby’s sake. But Baa argues she is taking the sinner’s side when her own son is forgiven. Anupama points out the hypocrisy.


Anupama warns she knows Adhik is misleading Pakhi. Pakhi threatens consequences for interfering in her married life.

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