E1030 – Anupama 31 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Upset Over Malti Devi’s State

Anupama gets upset hearing of Malti Devi’s condition. She tells Anuj that Nakul betrayed Malti Devi despite being her adopted son. Anuj says that’s how people betray.

Anupama insists on finding unstable Malti Devi wandering the streets. Though Anuj says she’s paying for her sins, Anupama argues she also made mistakes like suddenly deboarding the plane.

Anupama Searches for Malti Devi

Anupama reaches the temple and enquires about the “mad woman.” A shopkeeper recognizes Malti Devi’s photo as the woman he feeds daily. Anupama gives her a number to inform if he sees Malti Devi again but misses her.

Anuj-CA Make Rakhis; Anupama Bonds

At home, Anuj and Choti Anu prepare rakhis for underprivileged kids and plan to fund their lunch. Anupama praises the noble cause. She and Anuj discuss the importance of family.

When Choti Anu invites Romil, Anupama challenges his refusal using reverse psychology. An eavesdropping Romil decides this Rakhi will be special.

Kavya Breaks Down; Hides Truth

Anupama joins the Shahs pampering Kavya. An emotional Kavya hugs Anupama and cries. Though the family suspects another issue, Kavya avoids revealing the truth.

Anuj Praises Pakhi; Rejects Adhik

Anuj praises Pakhi’s presentation and gives Ankush work. Though Pakhi insists on including Adhik in her project, Anuj mocks his “MBA in manipulation” and refuses the wife-beater.

Leela Suspects Kavya’s Mood Swings

Barkha defends Adhik. The family attributes Kavya’s emotions to pregnancy mood swings. But Anupama knows it’s Kavya’s guilt over hiding the truth which Leela-Hasmukh can’t handle.


Adhik frames Romil by hiding stolen money in his room. Kavya finally reveals to the family her baby is Anirudh’s, not Vanraj’s.

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