E1029 – Anupama 30 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Anuj Tries Reducing Anupama’s Stress

Anuj blindfolds Anupama, asking her to breathe and forget her pains and problems. He tells God he’s confident of Anupama bravely facing issues. Anupama says he clears her tension in seconds.

Romil Asks to Leave; Ankush Dodges

Romil returns home to wait for Ankush. When asked, Romil says he saw the message to return in 30 minutes. He asks to shift him from Barkha-Adhik’s bullying. Ankush dodges the request, saying he should act like a good father and not ruin Romil’s life.

Kavya Returns Home; Leela Restricts Dimpy

Vanraj brings Kavya home. Leela welcomes her and says she’ll guard her and the baby. Though Kavya says her slip was also her mistake, Leela warns Dimpy to stay away, rejecting Anupama’s objection.

Hasmukh asks Anuj-Anupama to leave it to him. Anuj notes that Leela-Hasmukh should know the truth soon and Vanraj should act.

Adhik Butters Up Pakhi Again

Adhik helps Pakhi secretly in her project, asking her not to inform Anuj-Anupama. Though Pakhi offers to convince them to include Adhik, he acts humble but grins after she leaves.

Kavya Wants to Reveal Truth; Vanraj Refuses

Kavya suggests revealing the truth to Vanraj’s parents. But he refuses to discuss it and walks away. Kavya thinks his anger is justified but they need to resolve this.

Anupama Finds Gurukul Taken Over

At the deserted gurukul, Anupama tries to stop workers from taking Natraj’s idol, insisting on meeting Malti Devi. One lady says she left the gurukul which is now taken over by Nakul.

Nakul Calls; Rejects Anupama

When Nakul finally calls back, Anupama asks about Malti Devi and the Gurukul. Nakul reveals taking over the gurukul himself and says Anupama can join him, leaving her shocked over his betrayal.


Anuj says they can’t change Malti Devi’s fate and she’s paying for sins. But Anupama argues Malti Devi had given her respect when she was shattered. She searches near the temple and finds unstable Malti Devi wandering around.

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