E1028 – Anupama 29 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Vanraj Still Rejects Kavya’s Baby

Vanraj tells Kavya he can’t accept her baby and leaves the hospital room. When Anuj asks about him, Samar says Vanraj is upset with Kavya’s illness.

Vanraj recalls Kavya’s revelations and his rejection. Anupama joins him. Though he had momentarily accepted the baby emotionally, he maintains he can’t truly accept it.

Anupama Appeals to Vanraj’s Emotions

Anupama reminds Vanraj of his excitement over Kavya’s pregnancy news, baby savings, how the baby will see him as a father, etc. But Vanraj firmly rejects accepting Anirudh’s baby.

He’s shocked to see Anuj there. Leela thanked God for Kavya and the baby’s safety at home. Hasmukh notes how we seek support from loved ones with problems.

Anuj Questions Anupama About Vanraj’s Visit

Driving home, Anuj asks if Vanraj has visited Anupama to discuss this issue. Anupama admits he had. Anuj says it’s wrong to hide the truth from family. At the temple, he notes they couldn’t pray in morning.

Anupama Spots Unstable Malti Devi

A lady bumps into their car. Anupama checks on her but is shocked to see it’s a mentally unstable Malti Devi. Though Anuj doubts it, Anupama insists it was Guru Maa.

Dimpy Still Blamed at Home

Samar and Toshu update that Kavya is under observation but safe. A nervous Dimpy asks about the baby. Samar says both are fine. Dimpy decides to offer prayers.

But Leela continues blaming and cursing her, warning her to stay away from Kavya and the baby.

Adhik-Romil Hostility Continues

Returning home, Anuj permits Romil to meet friends with precautions. Romil leaves, exchanging looks with Adhik who also makes an excuse and leaves.

Leela Insults Dimpy and Samar

Dimpy asks Leela to stop blaming her unjustly. Leela continues insulting her and calls slave-like Samar her wife’s slave. Hasmukh asks if he’s also a slave for tolerating Leela’s atrocities.

Anupama Tries Contacting Nakul About Malti Devi

Worried about unstable Malti Devi, Anupama tries contacting Nakul without success and leaves a message, convinced it is Guru Maa.


Leela stops Dimpy from meeting hospitalized Kavya. Anupama objects to this wrongdoing. She then finds Malti Devi at a temple.

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