E1027 – Anupama 28 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Kavya Worries Despite Normal Reports

Kavya thanked her doctor on call for reassuring her baby was fine. Though reports are normal, she worries something may still go wrong.

Dimpy-Leela Argument; Kavya Slips

Leela scolds Dimpy for the kitchen mess. Dimpy’s friend feels insulted by Leela over wearing footwear indoors and leaves angrily with others. Dimpy yells at Leela as they argue.

Trying to intervene, Kavya slips into the water and falls. Vanraj rushes her to the hospital.

Anupama Gets an Ominous Feeling

Anupama gets an intuition Kavya is unwell and prays for her and the baby. At the hospital, she and Vanraj assure a worried Kavya her baby will be fine.

Dimpy Blamed; Toshu Scolds

At home, Leela warns she’ll evict careless Dimpy if something happens to the baby. Dimpy shouts it wasn’t deliberate. Toshu scolds Dimpy but Samar defends her.

Doctor Says Baby Fine, Kavya Under Observation

The doctor says the baby is fine but Kavya needs 24-hour observation for lingering pain. Dimpy prays for the baby’s safety, intent on staying calm despite Leela’s anger.

Anupama Tries Telling Anuj About Kavya

Anuj notes Vanraj-Kavya’s earlier happiness. As Anupama tries revealing the truth, Samar and Toshu arrive asking about Kavya. Anuj says mother and baby are fine.

Toshu Worries About Pakhi With Adhik

Toshu argues with Samar over Dimpy’s blame. Anuj stops them, saying it’s not the place. Toshu worries for unsafe Pakhi with Adhik. Anupama recalls Adhik injuring Pakhi.

Romil Urges Pakhi to Stand Up to Adhik

Romil suggests Pakhi stop tolerating Adhik’s abuse or it’ll continue. Pakhi warns it’s not Romil’s business. He calls her an abused wife from movies. Adhik overhears them.

Vanraj Rejects Kavya’s Baby

Kavya begs Vanraj to tell Leela not to scold Dimpy. Vanraj asks her to calm down for the baby. Though momentarily accepting “their” baby, Vanraj clarifies he didn’t.


Vanraj tells Anupama he can’t accept Anirudh’s baby. Anuj realizes Vanraj had visited Anupama about this and asks her. They then see mentally unstable Malti Devi after she bumps into their car.

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