E1026 – Anupama 27 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Adhik-Romil Fight; Pakhi Gets Hurt

Adhik instigates Romil, who calls Adhik a wife-beater. Adhik calls Romil an orphan. Trying to intervene, Pakhi gets hurt when Adhik pushes her. Anupama spots this and calls for first aid while Anuj glares at Adhik.

Leela Offers to Help Busy Kinjal-Kavya

Kinjal and Kavya ask resting Leela to stop working. Leela insists they rest more while she handles work. Kinjal thanks Dimpy again for babysitting. Dimpy says Pari doesn’t judge so she loves her. Leela says Dimpy’s nasty self is back.

Pakhi Defends Adhik; Anupama Shocked

Anuj scolds fighting Adhik-Romil. Pakhi defends Adhik, saying he didn’t intentionally push her. A stunned Anupama stands speechless.

Dimpy Demands Money from Samar

Dimpy cleans for her visiting friends and demands money from Samar for snacks. Leela offers to cook instead but Dimpy wants her to stay silent. Samar asks her to help the elders.

Romil Upset; Pakhi Still Supports Adhik

Angry Romil blasts Anuj-Anupama for not jailing Adhik. Adhik thinks Pakhi’s support makes him invincible. Though Anupama urges truth, Pakhi sticks by Adhik’s side.

Anupama Blames Romil; Warns Barkha

Anupama tells Ankush to send argumentative Romil away. She blames Romil for the fights. Pakhi finally admits that Adhik pushed her in anger. Anupama warns Barkha about Adhik and decides to throw him and Romil out next time.

Adhik Re-manipulates Pakhi

Enraged Adhik hurts Pakhi for complaining. Realizing his mistake, he re-manipulates her into staying on his side before she rebels.

Dimpy Causes Rift Between Her Friends and In-Laws

Dimpy’s friends ask about her distant in-laws. She makes excuses. Leela interacts with their friends directly.


Pregnant Kavya meets with an accident. Anuj, Vanraj, and Anupama rush her to the hospital. Later Anuj-Anupama encounters unstable Malti Devi on the road.

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