E1025 – Anupama 26 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Clarifies Pakhi’s Rights

Anupama states not even a husband has the right to touch Pakhi without her consent. Pakhi calls it personal. Anupama says women earlier endured abuse due to lack of options but Pakhi has family support.

Pakhi Questions Anupama’s Forgiveness

Pakhi yells at Anupama to stop poisoning her against Adhik. She argues why Anupama can forgive Anuj but not give Adhik a second chance. Anupama agrees it’s her wish but reminds her she’s always there for Pakhi.

Anupama Appreciates Pakhi-Romil Bond

Anupama says she felt happy seeing Pakhi-Romil bond. Pakhi says Romil isn’t as bad as people think. Anupama says she gained a younger brother in Romil and prays for Pakhi.

Dimpy Reluctant to Help Shahs

With Kinjal and others ill, the Shahs struggle to manage baby Pari’s crying. Dimpy watches silently until Anupama involves her. Dimpy then comforts Pari. Leela realizes Dimpy won’t harm Pari.

Romil Insults Barkha; Gets Scolded

Barkha taunts Romil for shamelessly living there. Romil retorts she shamelessly lives on her brother-in-law’s money. As Barkha tries hitting Romil, Anupama stops her.

Anupama Scolds Barkha

Anupama sends Romil away and scolds Barkha for provoking a kid when she’s the mature adult. She should avoid Romil if she dislikes him. Anupama warns Barkha that Anuj will have to take action if this continues.

Barkha Makes Excuses; Gets Exposed

Barkha blames Anupama’s bias over Adhik hitting Pakhi. Anupama exposes Barkha’s insensitivity. She’s tolerating Adhik only for Pakhi’s sake.


During an argument, pregnant Kavya slips and falls. Anupama and Vanraj rush her to the hospital. Kavya worries about her baby. The doctor says the baby is fine but…

Meanwhile, a mentally unstable Malti Devi bumps into Anuj’s car. A shocked Anupama sees her condition.

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