E1024 – Anupama 25 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Informs Shahs About Pakhi

Anupama tells the Shahs about Pakhi refusing to join office and insisting Adhik take her project instead. Toshu says the guilty is being rewarded. Anupama states Anuj’s decision will be final.

Kinjal offers to host Pakhi for Raksha Bandhan. Leela says they’ll fill her with happiness. Dimpy ignores Anupama’s greeting and asks about the power being out upstairs.

Dimpy Demands Shahs Pay Her Bill

When Leela mentions Dimpy should’ve paid her bill, Dimpy demands they pay since Samar’s not home. Anupama says pay her own bills when living separately. A yelling Dimpy calls them ruthless and forgets she has in-laws. Anupama will inform Samar to pay online.

Romil Bonds with Pakhi

Pakhi offers Romil the cake she made. Romil asks why offer him what’s for her husband. He suggests testing Adhik – if proven right, stay with him, if not, speak up when abused again. Pakhi agrees to his plan and they shake hands.

Seeing their bonding, Anupama smiles. Samar returns and Dimpy scolds him about expenses and bills, refusing to apologize and live together. Samar compares her to Leela but can’t speak up.

Anupama Suspects Abuse

Anupama finds Pakhi clutching Adhik’s shirt and reminisces about a woman’s longing for love. She asks what Pakhi’s doing. Pakhi lies she was just folding his clothes. Dimpy thinks Anupama came to discuss Adhik again.

Pakhi Questions Anupama’s Forgiveness

Pakhi argues Anupama endured and forgave Vanraj’s mental abuse for years so why not Adhik. Anupama states fighting back against injustice rather than silently accepting is bravery, which she did by leaving Vanraj eventually.

Anupama Checks on Abuse

Anupama asks if Adhik forces Pakhi physically. Pakhi objects to such questions from her mother. Anupama says Pakhi doesn’t hesitate answering a doctor so why take her for granted. She reminds Pakhi her body and soul are her own.


Pakhi asks why Anupama gave Anuj a second chance but not Adhik. Barkha taunts Romil for shamelessly living there. Romil retorts she’s the shameless one living off her brother-in-law. Anupama stops Barkha from hitting Romil for provoking.

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