E1023 – Anupama 24 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama’s Imagination

Anupama anxiously awaits Pakhi-Adhik. In her imagination, they enter lovingly together with Adhik being chivalrous. Anupama warns Pakhi against the acting as Adhik hit her yesterday. Imaginary Pakhi shouts at Anupama for trying to break her marriage.

Snapping out of it, real Pakhi just asks for the pla normally. Anuj prompts Anupama to eat.

Shahs Bond During Chores

Hasmukh insists on helping clean up. Leela assigns him and Kavya chores. They joke around. When Dimpy passes by, Leela stops her and offers cleaning supplies for her side of the house. Dimpy frowns silently.

Office Talk and pakhi’s Excuses

Anuj informs he’ll discuss a proposal at the office and wants Pakhi-Anupama to join. Adhik offers to come too but Anuj declines him.

Pakhi praises supportive Adhik. Anupama asks her to hurry for office but Pakhi makes excuses and suggests giving her project to expert Adhik instead. Anupama tells them to stop the act.

Leela Instructs Sullen Dimpy

As Dimpy mops, Leela offers Samar thepla before he leaves. She then instructs Dimpy on how to mop properly.

Anupama Scolds Pakhi

Anupama scolds Pakhi that she can’t just hand off projects on a whim and take unauthorized breaks. She questions if Pakhi would do this at another company.

Adhik says he’ll take the suggested break. Anupama warns Pakhi to finish breakfast and get to the office. Pakhi refuses.

Anuj Requests Professionalism

Anuj requests professional ethics from Pakhi and says they’ll discuss it at the office. After he leaves, a frustrated Pakhi storms off ignoring Anupama’s pleas.

Dimpy’s Antics; Anupama Finds Cigarettes

Dimpy stealthily eats Leela’s dhokla when hungry, thinking she outsmarted them. Leela notices the missing bowl.

Anupama finds cigarettes in a sulking Romil’s pocket and lectures him against smoking. He calls it swag but Anupama says his talents are real swag.


Dimpy demands Shahs pay her electricity bill since Samar’s gone. Anupama says pays her own bills. Pakhi asks why Anupama forgave Vanraj but not Adhik. Anupama calls that cowardly bearing injustice.

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