E1022 – Anupama 23 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Pakhi Apologizes to Adhik

Pakhi apologizes for the fight and thanks Adhik for proving his love by wanting to save their marriage. She says it brought them closer.

Family Continues Worrying

Toshu wants to explain Pakhi but Hasmukh says they tried and it’s Pakhi’s call now. Leela hopes Pakhi gains conscience. Anupama anxiously fears for Pakhi. Anuj advises sensitivity before Pakhi takes a wrong step.

Adhik Manipulates Pakhi

Pakhi hugs Adhik, professing love and willingness to do anything for him. Adhik sinisterly thinks Pakhi doesn’t know him well and he’ll take revenge on her quietly.

He then acts mentally unstable, not knowing why he hurt Pakhi. A trusting Pakhi comforts him. Adhik secretly grins.

Anuj-Anupama Suspect Acting

Seeing Pakhi-Adhik hugging, Anupama feels Adhik is acting. Anuj says abusers follow this pattern of abuse and emotional blackmail.

Vanraj Informed All is Okay

Getting Anupama’s message, Vanraj informs the Shahs things are fine there. Leela scolds him to attend to Kavya.

Discovering Romil’s Musical Talent

Anuj-Anupama praise Romil’s guitar skills but he rejects their offer of professional training. Anuj realizes music is Romil’s confidante and fears losing it.

Kavya Comforts Vanraj

Kavya understands Vanraj’s worry for Pakhi, adding Anupama will teach Adhik a lesson. She shows Vanraj the normal sonography reports, knowing he doesn’t care but wanting to share. Vanraj glances at them.


Pakhi asks Anuj to hand her project to competent Adhik. Anupama says Pakhi just wants Adhik protected after yesterday’s abuse. Pakhi shouts at Anupama. Leela orders Dimpy to clean her area.

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