E1021 – Anupama 22 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Adhik’s Emotional Blackmail

Adhik sheds crocodile tears, begging for another chance and promising to change. Anupama suggests jailing him. Adhik continues his drama until Pakhi forgives him.

Anuj calls it an act to avoid jail. Even as Pakhi holds Adhik’s hand, Anupama objects she’s holding her abuser’s hand.

Pakhi Defends Adhik

Pakhi thanks her family for caring but insists on reviving her relationship with Adhik.

Anupama reminds Adhik dared hit her daughter. Though Barkha notes his apology, Anupama says it’s to save himself. She spares him only for Pakhi but warns to never repeat his mistake.

Anupama’s Concerns and Advice

Anupama tells Pakhi that tolerating abuse doesn’t mean great love. It’s Pakhi’s choice to live happily or in sorrow. She prays Pakhi is right, and if not, no one can save Adhik from her.

Shah Men Question Handling

Vanraj, Samar and Toshu wonder why Adhik was spared and Pakhi left behind unconvinced. Leela reminds them Pakhi refused to listen or leave Adhik.

Anupama Fears for Pakhi

Anupama anxiously tells Anuj that remorseless Adhik just acted to avoid punishment like she had suffered for years. Now her daughter wants to suffer too.

The Shahs voice fears of Adhik harming Pakhi. Anupama knows she must explain the difference between love and force to Pakhi. Anuj says they can only help if Pakhi allows it.

Dimpy Insults Pakhi

Dimpy accuses Pakhi of provoking and playing victim. Leela scolds Dimpy for interfering when she doesn’t consider herself family. Dimpy walks away angrily.


Pakhi asks Anuj to hand her project to competent Adhik. Anupama tells her to stop protecting Adhik. Pakhi shouts at Anupama. Leela orders Dimpy to clean her house area that the Shahs already finished.

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