E1020 – Anupama 21 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Pakhi Refuses to Complain

Pakhi refuses to complain, saying all couples have issues and she provoked Adhik. She insists on saving her marriage and begs Anupama to stay out of it.

Barkha agrees they shouldn’t interfere when Pakhi doesn’t want to. Pakhi declares the discussion is over.

Anupama Appeals to Stop Injustice

Anupama argues this concerns all women facing injustice from partners. She pleads with Pakhi not to become a doormat by staying silent. She left Vanraj for less, so Pakhi should see Adhik’s wrong.

Kavya Hides Her Pain

Kavya shows Kinjal her sonography report. Kinjal reminisces about her excitement with her first report. A smiling Kavya then turns sad. Kinjal offers to listen if Kavya has any problem.

Family Tries Convincing Pakhi

Vanraj says Anupama is right. They appeal to educated Pakhi to react before it’s too late. Leela questions her silence when misbehaving with others.

Anupama says Pakhi should listen to her worried family rather than care about dignity or society. Hasmukh says to continue only if it’s love, not fear of society.

Kavya Defends Anupama

When Dimpy insults Anupama, Kavya scolds her to mind her language and business. Kinjal realizes she wrongly felt bad for arrogant Dimpy. Kavya praises Anupama’s good intentions.

Adhik Apologizes Under Pressure

Barkha convinces resistant Adhik to apologize and save his ego rather than go to jail. Adhik kneels and apologizes to Pakhi.

Anuj doubts his conscience. Leela suggests jailing Adhik for 5-6 months as punishment. Anupama agrees.


Pakhi holds Adhik’s hand, agreeing to another chance. Anupama objects she’s holding her abuser’s hand. Dimpy tells Shahs Pakhi is wrong to protect Adhik. Anupama insists on doing the right thing as a mother.

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