E1019 – Anupama 20 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Witnesses adhik’s Abuse

Anupama is shocked to see Adhik slap Pakhi. A grinning Romil pats himself for alerting Anupama on time. Anupama angrily takes Pakhi away.

Panicking Adhik realizes he can’t lie now. Anupama hugs Pakhi tightly in her room, asking why she’s covering up his mistake like she suffered for 25 years. Pakhi pleads with her not to tell anyone.

Anupama Calls Shahs

Anupama calls the Shahs over immediately. Overhearing, Anuj asks if everything is okay. Anupama says she needs to tell him something.

Vanraj says it must be serious about Pakhi since Anupama called them over. Barkha scolds Adhik for hitting Pakhi, saying Anupama and the protective Vanraj won’t spare him now.

Dimpy Fumes at Samar

Dimpy fumes over Samar having breakfast with his family instead of her prepared meal, blaming Anupama’s house division. Samar silently walks away.

Shahs Confront Adhik

At Kapadia house, Vanraj furiously asks how Adhik dared hit his daughter. Barkha defends it’s common in marriages. Anupama retorts it’s different from reforming slaps.

When Barkha accuses Anupama of hypocrisy, she warns Barkha deserves slaps for her cheap acts. Anuj also scolds Barkha harshly.

Proof of Abuse

Anupama makes Pakhi show her bruised arms, shocking everyone with Adhik’s fingerprints. A livid Vanraj wants to break Adhik’s face but Anuj stops him from touching the abuser.

Pakhi Protects Adhik

Vanraj calls the police but Pakhi pleads not to file any complaint against her husband. Anupama tries explaining domestic violence is unacceptable but Pakhi insists she stop interfering.


Barkha tells Adhik to emotionally blackmail to avoid jail. Adhik thanks Pakhi for protecting him. Anupama says a mother will do the right thing despite Pakhi’s pleas.

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