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Kavya Inner Conflict

Kavya is torn between her guilt and her love for Vanraj. She knows that she cannot keep the truth from him any longer, but she is also afraid of what will happen if she tells him the truth. Her inner voice tells her that she will lose him forever if she reveals the truth, but her good side tells her that she should do the right thing and tell him the truth. She is very upset and does not know what to do.

Kavya Baby Shower

The party starts and everyone is excited for Kavya’s baby shower. They all praise her for how beautiful she looks and how radiant she is. Toshu even prays to God that Vanraj’s baby should not be like his other children. He says that he was a bad kid but will try to reform himself and become a good kid. He apologizes to everyone for his mistakes and thanks them for forgiving him. Vanraj and Anupama pamper him. Toshu says that he will try to even be a good husband and set everything right.

The Rituals

Hasmukh asks everyone to start the rituals. Ankush gets a call and informs something to Anuj, and leaves. Barkha recalls Ankush’s concern for his illegitimate son. Anupama says that the baby’s father should start the ritual first. Vanraj performs a ritual on Kavya and tells her that he is so happy that they are together again. He says that their child is a key to their happiness and that he is eager to see him. Anuj asks Vanraj to murmur later and let others perform the ritual. Vanraj emotionally thanks Kavya for giving him this happiness and wipes his tears. Leela asks him not to spoil the happiness with tears. Anupama wipes Kavya’s tears and asks if everything is alright. Leela says that it’s their turn now.

Nakul Notices MD Anxiousness

Nakul notices that MD is missing steps during dance rehearsals and questions her. She says that her body is rehearsing, but her mind is somewhere else. She gets Dimpy’s message that they are celebrating Kavya’s baby shower ceremony and gets emotional. She runs to her room.

The Shahs and Kapadias Play a Game

The Shahs and Kapadias then play a game. Samar refuses to play the game saying that he is not in the mood. Leela prays to God to keep a mother and child from evil eyes. Kavya emotionally hugs Leela. Leela jokingly asks Kavya not to reshape her baby’s eyebrow if she delivers a baby girl. The Shahs continue their game. Barkha calls Ankush and asks him why he left the function midway. She hears him and threatens him not to do that or else he doesn’t know what she will do. She pops in her anxiety pills. Pakhi cheers up Vanraj. Adhik walks to her and asks if she is too happy. Pakhi says even he can. Adhik yells at her not to act oversmart. Pakhi says that he should not be too rude instead and moves away. Leela notices their argument.

Vanraj Wins the Game

Vanraj wins the game and asks Kavya to inform their child that papa fixes diapers well.


Kavya tells Anupama that her baby belongs to Anirudh and not Vanraj. She asks her how to correct her mistake.

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