Anupama 27 July 2023 Written Episode Update | Episode 995

Anupama 27 July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update by

Dimple Provokes Samar and Family Concerns

Dimple instigates Samar against his family, praising him for standing up for himself. She asserts that their family underestimates them due to their younger age, but they know what is best for themselves. Samar questions if signing a contract with MD was a mistake, and Dimple defends the decision, claiming they are acting as mediators between MD and Anupama, trying to help the family. Vanraj shares his worries about Samar’s innocence and lack of understanding of MD’s tactics. Kavya believes Anuj and Anupama will handle the situation.

Barkha Disapproval and Anuj Justification for the Baby Shower

Barkha reacts negatively to the news of Anuj organizing Kavya’s baby shower, citing the inauspiciousness due to Maaya’s 13th-day ritual not being completed yet. Anuj stands firm, stating that he arranged the event to cheer up CA. Despite Barkha’s displeasure, Ankush supports Anuj’s decision. Adhik expresses concerns about Pakhi posing a risk to them and vows not to spare her. Barkha warns him against harming Pakhi.

Toshu Request and Kinjal Support

Toshu thanks Kinjal for supporting him against Dimple and admits that he is trying to reform himself. He admires Anupama’s sacrifices for her children and wants to follow a similar path. He asks Kinjal not to leave the house, believing that her and Pari’s presence will help him change. Kinjal hugs him, encouraging his decision to change.

Anupama Anxieties and MD Troubling Thoughts

Anupama is disturbed by thoughts of Samar in fear and wonders why she is experiencing such negative thoughts. MD also has troubling visions of a crying baby, but she dismisses them, unwilling to relive emotions related to motherhood.

Preparations for Kavya Baby Shower

The family gets ready for Kavya’s baby shower at Kapadia house. Kinjal has an important office meeting and can’t help Kavya get ready, but the family reassures her that they will handle everything. Vanraj volunteers to get Kavya ready, though she appears tense and anxious.


Kavya contemplates revealing the truth to Vanraj but feels torn about betraying him. The baby shower function commences, and Vanraj expresses his happiness over the baby being the key to their reunion. Kavya appears apprehensive, and Anupama notices her unease.

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