Anupama 26 July 2023 Written Episode Update | Episode 994

Anupama 26 July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update by

Shah Family Reacts to Samar Contract with MD

The Shah family becomes furious upon learning that Samar has signed a contract with Malti Devi (MD), and they lash out at him for his decision. Kinjal suggests that MD might have blackmailed him to obtain the contract. Toshu questions Samar’s choice, reminding him of the high hopes Anupama had for him. Dimpy intervenes, defending Samar’s need to stay productive and not depend on his wife’s earnings as Toshu does. This sparks a heated exchange between Kinjal and Dimpy, with Leela stepping in to maintain decorum.

Kinjal Suspects MD Manipulation

Kinjal insists that regardless of Toshu’s faults, he is still elder to Dimpy and should not be disrespected. Leela warns against insulting Dimpy or any other family member, emphasizing the importance of respect. Kavya acknowledges Samar’s desperation for employment but expresses skepticism about aligning with the enemy.

Toshu Disappointment and Dimpy Defense

Vanraj tries to understand Samar’s reasons behind the contract, believing that there must be some justification. However, Samar bursts out, expressing frustration about playing the role of a “good kid” as defined by the family. He feels they expect perfection from him, unlike other family members who are allowed to make mistakes. Dimpy defends her decision to consider work as just work and accepts MD’s offer.

Vanraj Support and Samar’s Outburst

Vanraj tries to reason with Samar, stating that they believe he is a good kid and must have had a reason for taking the job. However, Samar declares his exhaustion with the family’s expectations and denies being a “good kid” by their standards. He points out that they don’t mind other family members making mistakes but expect him to be flawless. Samar justifies signing the contract with MD, explaining that he informed them about it and believes he can bridge the gap between Anupama and MD to help MD repay the losses.

Anuj and Anupama Concern for Samar

Anuj intervenes, expressing concern that Samar is overlooking Anupama’s suffering and the potential harm MD might cause to them. Samar remains adamant, asserting that working with MD could help heal her wounds. Anuj reminds Samar of the losses Anupama incurred and urges him to consider the true motives behind MD’s offer. He worries that MD’s actions are driven by ego and a desire for revenge against Anupama.

Dimpy Decision and Leela Worries

Dimpy defends her choice to work with MD, and Hasmukh expresses worry that MD might harm Samar and Dimpy due to her vested interests.


Anupama hears Samar calling her. MD notices a baby on her doorstep. Kavya thinks she can’t keep V in the dark and should reveal the truth to him. Anupama fears something wrong will happen.

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